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This lawsuit was dismissed and is incorrect, the correct way to write a lawsuit is as follows:

  1. When writing facts make sure they are not opinions like, “late” say the time, or “lies” just say what they wrote.
  2. You must write facts without arguing legal points or even mentioning rights violated.
  3. Facts must contain times, dates, and places under each numbered allegation.
  4. Do not make quotes or legal opinions based on events that have nothing to do with your case.
  5. Be descriptive, write the color of the house, these are facts and can be proven by witnesses at trial.
  6. Keep it simple short and to the point.
  7. If you are suing with your CPS case open injunctive relief may be better.
  8. If your case is closed they will dismiss and tell you to appeal, you can say you were not told you could appeal.
  9. You can not make a claim for state law violations under 1983, but should still add them to remove immunity.
  10. Law violations also violate your due process.
  11. Under facts do not use the words evil, good, bad, fun, or any words that meant you formed an opinion.
  12. Under claims for relief, or legal arguments is where you will write these words.
  13. Do not cite case law in your list of facts and never call that list “Facts” call it “Alleged Facts” because you are alleging and believing this is what happened.
  14. Using “Upon information and belief…” at the beginning of each fact means you are alleging the fact.
  15. The judge can’t rule in your favor if you just state a bunch of facts and swear they broke the law, since the judge does not know if this is truly what happened.
  16. The trial will prove the facts and the judge can only agree that the facts you alleged “may have happened.”

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