Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

406 E Monroe St, Springfield, IL

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My child was taken into DCFS custody after he was born because the mother had an open case and previous children where taking into DCFS custody. Also that will not let my family members get him because I was just the punitive father. It took almost 4 months to get my paternity test back because the caseworker Rosemary Waelder of chaddock adoption and Foster agency lied to the courts and said I wouldn't give her information needed to send out a referral for paternity testing. This resulted in no visitation as a putative father until paternity testing was done. I was asked to complete a mental health assessment, parenting classes, and domestic violence classes with no prior domestic violence in my background. However the caseworker would not send out the referrals needed to get the services complete with visitations every other week 2 hours which results to 4 visits every month totaling 8 hours. My parental rights were stripped from me without ever having a chance to be a father in my son's life. The decision was upheld in the Appellate Court's which resulted in my son getting adopted to a family and name changed whom I know nothing of. DCFS of Cook County is misusing their power given by Government. A lot of unprofessional staff.They are not properly communicating with parents and destroying OUR family! Without their interruption OUR FAMILY would be a lot better ! They are taking custody of children without ANY proof and evidence of parents guilt.

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