1. Do not complete any of these steps if you abused your child.
  2. Probable cause must not exist or they will dismiss.
  3. Your name as the “Plaintiff”
  4. The social worker and their supervisors name as the “Defendant”
  5. The director of your states childrens administration as a defendant.
  6. Their work address as their address
  7. Make a separate summons for each Defendant.
  8. Do not sign or date.
  9. Leave case number blank.
  10. If you use your address it is public.
  11. This form will be mailed back by clerk, then you serve.
  12. Serve the attorney general of your state.
  13. Do not serve the social workers, do not even tell them you sued.
  14. Do not sue the agency only people can be sued under 1983.
  15. Make sure and file a tort with attorney general first.

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