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  1. Do not complete any of these steps if you abused your child.
  2. Probable cause must not exist or they will dismiss.
  3. Your name as the “Plaintiff”
  4. The social worker and their supervisors, and state director name as the
  5. “Defendant”
  6. Their work address as their address
  7. Individual capacity only always.
  8. State not Bivens unless you have other plans.
  9. You can use this form and add more pages.
  10. You do not have to use this form at all but add 1983 to yours.
  11. This form is helpful for first time Plaintiffs.
  12. If you are married to the other parent sue with them.
  13. If you are not married make sure you have custody.
  14. Do not name your child at all unless you are suing as next friend.
  15. Only use initials or use “son” or “daughter” add age.
  16. Focus on what they did to you not your child.
  17. Your rights are in the 14th amendment substantive due process
  18. Equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.
  19. 1st amendment intimate association retaliation


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